we’re the Bentons

When I was a youth pastor,
I spent the bulk of my time helping
students explore two questions:

Who am I? Why am I here?

Happy Family

Now that I’m leading a church, I’ve realized how much the answers to those questions still matter, regardless of what age or season
of life we find ourselves in.

And those questions actually lead to more questions:

Why do I feel so far away from God?

How stuck is too stuck?

Is it possible to live a life of purpose without feeling micromanaged by God?

Is there more to being a Christian than just behavior modification?

Are we really made for something bigger than ourselves?

Brooke, Juniper, and I are passionate about “church planting” because we believe the local church is the hope of the world.

There are more churches closing today than there are opening. Currently, the Brandon area is home to over 250,000 people, and our town is growing rapidly.

Roughly 75% of our neighbors don’t go to church, and many of them are looking for a place where they can find answers to their questions, a place where they can be seen and deeply loved. This is why my family is here - to create a church that cares about our community and the people who live here. We are a family and a church that values the simple things and doesn’t overcomplicate loving each other.

We believe that a faith that makes a difference at the end of the day is just about loving God and loving people. It’s about leaning into justice, mercy, and humility. It’s just walking out, step by step, what it looks like to serve others.
It’s Just Church.